The Junior Development Program is for ages 10 to 17 aimed at turning juniors that have already been introduced to tennis into competitive players. Whether your kids want to just have fun with tennis, hope to get a college scholarship, or dream of competing on the ATP or WTA tour, we have the knowledge and experience to help him or her realize their personal potential on the court.  

  • Emphasis is given to the fundamentals of the game, with focus on strokes, footwork, ball control, scoring, mini-tennis competition, and singles and doubles positioning.

  • Special attention given also to the development of specific social skills, such as good sportsmanship and proper tennis etiquette on and off the court.

  • For players that already compete or will start competing after some time in the program, the focus is on the continued development of all strokes, use of spin, basic singles and doubles strategies, and increase of competitive drills. Points and set playing is part of every practice session.

Clinics are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 4:30 - 6:00pm.

The cost is $100.00 per month for weekly attendance; $175 for bi-weekly attendance, and $250 to attend all three days.

Eduardo Afini provides great tennis instruction for my 10 year old daughter as well as myself. He has the ability not only to listen to my concerns, but to execute and communicate the action plan to resolve the issues with our games promptly and professionally. Although my daughter can sometimes loose interest in other activities, Eduardo’s personality and enthusiasm play a big part in her wanting to return week after week. Eduardo’s experience provides enough drills to keep recurring tennis lessons interesting and fun. We are always excited to learn with him.
— Julie Prichard